Wednesday, May 26, 2010

all i can say is..

-beyond disappointed
-completely shocked out my mind
-and disgusted
that someone that close could change in a heart beat.
who's the one making false judgements about your own freaking friends now?
Not only you were the one who created stress for all of us, we reacted as pure friends who cared! and instead of appreciating, you turned it around and blamed the whole thing on us?
how nice of you.
and that fucker who does not understand even fucking english to understand what I WAS SAYING (SINCE HE BLAMED IT ALL ON ME,FUCK YOU,YOU FUCKING LOSER, What goes around comes around just wait and see)
in this world, there are all sort of people, but i just would never think you were one of them, soo clueless and blind. and please stop pretending that you believe in Jesus soo intensely because if you do, shouldnt you be worried that he'll make you pay for all your sins and lies and heartache you've placed on others just to get your way in life?
well good luck. When you finally find out the truth it'll be too fucking late!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Do you know what it feels like to wake up one day just to find out that you have been completely cut out of the life of someone you have done nothing to but care about?

Is it worth it?


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Helllooo My lovely Girlie Girls!
Finally im alive again after god knows how long of stressing with assignments and my finalss... woohoohoo im all done..

First, I soo sooo NEED TO GO TO KL! ,SHOPPING SHOPPING! and i need more shoes i need to get my hair done i need to buy BJ more toys..

Btw, BJ is our new addition to the family

Who's a lil sweetie!

Although he poops bloody everywhere possible.. -.-
I got him about a week before my exams which was very shocking because my and Merman (The BF) planned to get a min pin puppy wayy before CNY but non of the pet shops got back to us sadly.. noo min pin puppies were available during that season apparently =s and after so long of waiting i really thought he didnt want one anymore =( BUT SUDDENLY one day while i was getting some treats for bruce at the pet shop in ss15.. ALL of a suddenly he fell in love with a gorgeousss Black pomerinian.. i was soo shocked when he said if i wanted the puppy we could take him home now.. i wanted to pass out! i was sooo excited! so he told the guy to book him we'll come back after having lunch..

=( buttttttttt... while we were eating... i slapped myself back into reality and since it was my bf's first dog and knowing he couldnt take care of a bloody plant! i felt bad although i really wanted him but pomerinian's are soo harder to take care then a short coat min pin =( anddd since we actually agreed on a min pin wayy before when we first plan to get a doggie.. so sadly.. i decided to turn him down and go all out to find a min pin!

after 2 days of calling nearly all the pet shops in town, i suddenly got a call back from a breeder.. he had one! male black with a touch of brown! that was our puppy! we went there immediately and got himmm.. wohoohooo... and thats the story about BJ aka Black Jack( named by the bf)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For the past few months I barely had air to breathe! As much as I love shopping, I have been able to control myself and I never bought any new clothes/shoes/bags for at least a month already :-) *claps* I have been soooooo busy that I barely had time to even catch a movie with my friends! Thanks to my hard work and determination, I've made myself (more than) enough money to splurge and pamper myself! :-D Hehehehehhehe.

I'm looking forward to:

2. Food hunting!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello dear readers. If you have not already know, I have been busy as hell due to uni AND work. Yep, suicidal, I know. I barely have a day to rest. I have classes everyday and I work every weekend. (Thankfully I have Fridays off now :-)) Its been a long long time since I bum around doing nothing. Assignments are piling up every week and I have to make sure I watch up with my classes before the weekend. Nope, I'm not complaining bout my current lifestyle. In fact, I'm pretty contented. I like being busy and I find myself being more productive this way. My time management skills have improved as well. Haha. At first I was struggling because I do not have time for my family, friends, or even myself! I'm getting the hang of it now that I have made special arrangements with those people I love :-) All I need now is some time and more money to go shopping. Hmmmm.