Wednesday, May 26, 2010

all i can say is..

-beyond disappointed
-completely shocked out my mind
-and disgusted
that someone that close could change in a heart beat.
who's the one making false judgements about your own freaking friends now?
Not only you were the one who created stress for all of us, we reacted as pure friends who cared! and instead of appreciating, you turned it around and blamed the whole thing on us?
how nice of you.
and that fucker who does not understand even fucking english to understand what I WAS SAYING (SINCE HE BLAMED IT ALL ON ME,FUCK YOU,YOU FUCKING LOSER, What goes around comes around just wait and see)
in this world, there are all sort of people, but i just would never think you were one of them, soo clueless and blind. and please stop pretending that you believe in Jesus soo intensely because if you do, shouldnt you be worried that he'll make you pay for all your sins and lies and heartache you've placed on others just to get your way in life?
well good luck. When you finally find out the truth it'll be too fucking late!

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